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Under the Stars

Take to the outdoors, break out from the four walls, and embrace the serenity of Mother Nature. In the soothing lap of nature, over the soft grassy knolls, erect a tent, build a campfire, roll out the beds and stare at the magnificent creations of the heavens above, while enjoying with your friends and family.

Unwind with Yoga

In the crisp and fresh early morning air, spread out in front of the ascending Sun, and ward off the stress with Yoga. Spread out mats and calm down your soul with breathing exercises, stretch your body and loosen the knots of stress, letting the sharp air purify you from within.

The Chittor Fort

Beyond the folding greens lies the historic Fort of Chittor, or Chittorgarh, renowned for its sprawling fortifications and towers of the bygone era, spread over a mighty hill overlooking the city of Chittor. Rich with the chronicles of siege, war, and the fame of the brave Rajput clans, the fort is a must visit. With several attractions within, it is just a short distance away from Castle Narela.

Ride the Plains

Hop over the saddle and glide through the hilly terrain of this Rajputana land. With a stable boasting well-bred, muscular horses, all you have to do is pick your steed, and then ride off into the distant sunset, cleaving the rippling winds and getting high on adrenaline.

Tunes of the Folk

As the pleasant hum of the Rajasthani crooners hits the air, and the notes of the strings marry the beats of percussions, the feet rise on their own, in a trance, enchanted by the magic of the Folk music of this brave land. Chronicling the stories of love, bravery, honour and patriotism, the songs waft through the hazy air, taking you back to the golden era of the Rajputana empires. Hear, feel and immerse yourself in the folk music of Rajasthan.

Cooked to Perfection

As the aroma of barbecued food wafts through the warm air, it will enthrall you, drawing you out into the open. Take a bite, and let the flavours of herbs and spices, coupled with delicately cooked meat, wash over and play in your tongue. Inhale the scents as your taste buds dance with delectable delicacies. A Barbecue joint out in the open, just for you.

Cast a Line

With a fresh stream coursing beside the resort grounds, you don’t have to go far looking for a pond to fish. Grab a fishing pole, find a spot and enjoy fishing for a catch in the stream, while chatting away with your companions. No better way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Poolside Basking

A crystal-clear pool resides within the premises of Castle Narela, with ornate Chhatris, or canopies, flanking it. Grab a bamboo chair and relax under the canopies, bask under the Sun, frolic in the pool, and enjoy a great time, while enjoying delicacies. As the day draws to an end, enjoy a sumptuous dinner beside the pool unwinding and reflecting on cheerful memories.

Stroll the Lands

For the adventurous spirit residing within you, the green lands are open to explore. Scale the grassy knolls, take the off-beaten path among the pastures, immerse yourself within the folds of nature and discover new life as you take to the scenic landscape brimming with wildlife, culture and heritage.

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