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Chittorgarh fort visit from castle narelaChittorgarh Fort

Spread in 700+ acres and known as ‘Water Fort’, comprises of palaces, water bodies, temples and towers. The fort tops the list because of its fascinating history. Main attractions here are the memorial towers namely Kirti Stambh and Vijay Stambh.

Rana Kumbha PalaceRana Kumbha Palace

The oldest palace within fort which holds the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. The series of canopies, stables of horses and the palace elephants, etc., are a must on your sightseeing list.

Fateh Prakash PalaceFateh Prakash Palace

An epitome of modern architecture, Fateh Prakash Palace, named after Maharana Fateh Singh houses an idol of Lord Ganesha. There is an array of wall paintings and murals and that’s why this place was turned into museum

Padmini PalacePadmini Palace

Named after Queen Padmini who was known for her beauty and intelligence. This palace stands as the symbol of bravery as it is said that she herself inspected the defence of this palace during attacks by ‘Sultan of Delhi.’

Meera TempleMeera Temple

The temple stands as a proof of true love and devotion of Meera to Lord Krishna. The charm and beauty of the idols in this temple make it the best place to visit in the vicinity of the Chittorgarh fort.

Kali Maa TempleKali Maa Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Kalika, kuldevi of Mori Panwar (Clan of Rajputs), was initially built as a temple of Sun God. But later, a statue of the Goddess was placed by Maharana Hamir and ever since the temple got its new name.

Gaumukh ReservoirGaumukh Reservoir

The green water of this reservoir holds a sacred spot among Hindus. It has abundant of fishes that are fed by the religious pilgrims who visit the site. The well-maintained architectural beauty is captivating enough.

Bassi Wildlife SanctuaryBassi Wildlife Sanctuary

Scattered in more than 15,000 hectares, green beds of Bassi Wildlife sanctuary is something you should not miss. You can even spot a Mongoose or a Panther in their natural habitat. This place is unavoidable for nature lovers.

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