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A Guide To Making The Bird Watching Experience The Most Memorable One For You
February 27, 2017

Experience Exotic Birding at the Gosunda Dam

  1. You possibly hear the chirping of the birds each day, but are you looking forward to spending your weekend watching the migratory birds relaxing near a water body? If yes, then Castle Narela is your ultimate destination for the same.
  2. We are well aware of the inner desires of the nature enthusiasts and assist them in fulfilling those without putting too much strain on their pockets. Bird watching or birding mean one and the same thing and refers to the activity of observing the birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them. The best part is whether you are an expert of bird’s behaviour or just a nature lover who admires the beauty of birds, you’ll enjoy this surely.
  3. At Gosunda Dam situated in Chittorgarh, you can spot the various species of the birds throughout the year and hear their chirps, but during the months from January to March, you can easily witness some of the migratory birds transcend from regions around the globe.
  4. If you wish to enjoy bird watching to the fullest, then consider the tips mentioned below that are given by the travel experts associated with us. Take a read through the points given below to get enlightened about them:
  5. Follow the bird watching etiquette and do not disturb them with artificial lights and music. Scaring them can ruin your experience of birding.
  6. Be prepared to make your experience memorable. You can equip yourself with the binoculars, DSLR, zooming lens, etc., so that you can capture the images of the birds if the circumstances favour you for the same. Make sure you do not scare them with the flashlight of the camera or sound.
  7. Keep in mind that the birds may wander anywhere, but you ought to set your limits. Do not go beyond a point that you have decided on a prior basis.
  8. The birding experience at Gosunda Dam Chittorgarh is even more pleasurable as there are numerous birds that visit the dam and the nearby areas during this month.
  9. Yes, birding is a quest, you leave your comfort zone and move to the parts that offer the best and memorable experiences. In the end, you come back with an experience that will last a lifetime.

In case you are worried about your stay, then keep all your worries aside as Castle Narela offers you the most comfortable and affordable stays to ensure that you enjoy your birding experience to the fullest. Our hospitable staff is well aware of your requirements and treats you accordingly. For any queries, you can connect with our round-the-clock active customer care support right away!

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